This area is dedicated to those individuals wishing to join FAAM.  The area includes the necessary forms and submission facilities for applying for the various grades within the Faculty.

This area allows applicants for the FAAM Technician grade who hold non-BOHS qualification to book their bridging exam in order to complete their application.  After following the link, applicants will be able to pay their exam fee via Paypal (including credit/debit card) and proceed to select an appropriate appointment.

What is the asbestos bridging exam?

The asbestos bridging exam is a route for Level 3 asbestos qualification holders to join FAAM at entry level (technician grade). The bridging exam will ascertain whether the applicant has attained a satisfactory level of technical knowledge in their field of asbestos work in order to become a FAAM member. 

Who need to take the asbestos bridging exam?

Anyone who holds a Level 3 specialist asbestos qualification is required to take the bridging exam, in order to determine whether they are eligible to join FAAM. A list of Level 3 qualifications and their required bridging exam is given below.

What questions will I be asked in the bridging exam?

Candidates are advised to download the relevant teaching syllabus from the BOHS website for revision purposes, so that they understand which subject areas will be tested in the exam. These can be downloaded here: BOHS website.

Where will the bridging exam take place?

The bridging exam will be held at BOHS’ head office in Derby, on set dates throughout the year. Dates can be found at

Why do I need to take a bridging exam if I already have an asbestos qualification?

Asbestos qualifications are set at a different levels within the national qualifications framework, and not all of them are the equivalent learning of a BOHS qualification. For example, RSPH qualifications are set at Level 3 (broadly comparable to NVQ Level 3 or A-Levels), whereas BOHS qualifications are set at Level 4 (broadly comparable to NVQ Level 4 or HNC); therefore BOHS qualifications are set at a higher level.  If required, further information on qualification levels can be found here: 

To join FAAM at technician level, one of the entry requirements is that members must hold a Level 4 asbestos qualification. The bridging exam gives Level 3 asbestos qualification holders the opportunity to bridge the gap from Level 3 to Level 4, without having to take the full equivalent P401, P402, P403, P404 or P405 qualification.

What happens if I fail a bridging exam?

There is no limit on the number of re-sits, but the bridging exam must be passed within 12 months of the date of the original exam. If candidates do not pass within 12 months, they are required to take the full relevant BOHS qualification (e.g. P401-P405).

Does the FAAM bridging exam count as a BOHS Proficiency qualification?

No. The purpose of the bridging exam is purely to facilitate FAAM membership, and does not count as a stand-alone professional qualification. In order to hold a BOHS Proficiency qualification and be awarded a certificate, candidates would need to sit the full relevant BOHS Proficiency qualification (i.e. P401/2/3/4/5) and pass all assessments.

I have more than one Level 3 qualification. Can I take more than one bridging exam in order to join FAAM at a higher grade?

The bridging exam is only applicable to technician grade (entry level). In order to progress to the next grade level, candidates would need to successfully complete two BOHS asbestos Proficiency qualifications (in a different asbestos subjects to the one covered in the bridging exam) in order to progress. Details of BOHS’ asbestos Proficiency qualifications can be found here: .